Therapy in English

My name is Nicole Advani, owner of Compassie Therapie, which is Dutch for Compassion Therapy. I offer integrative psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and couples counselling in both Dutch and English. My background lies in integrative psychotherapy.

Compassie Therapie bases its therapeutic approaches on integrative movement in psychotherapy. As such I offer result-driven short term therapy. All treatments are based on the individual needs of the client. Each therapy plan is custom made to suit you as an individual, taking your situation, inner wisdom and capabilities into consideration.  I acknowledge all aspects of what it means to be human; behavior, thoughts, emotions, physical reactions and your overall wellbeing are all important aspects that influence each other. This is why I choose to work using a holistic approach.

Most important to me is a therapeutic relationship based on respect, trust and close cooperation.

My practice is based in Breda, but you are also welcome to make an appointment if you live in one of its surrounding cities. I do not work with a waiting list so appointments can usually take place at very short notice.